We’re pressing Richardson Pioneer for new bargaining dates; Local 14 members should watch their email for updates

When Richardson Pioneer asked to postpone what was to be the first bargaining session on Nov. 10, GSU’s committee agreed to the postponement and decided to use the day to meet, review the bargaining process, and fine-tune the proposals. We continue to press the company to set a new date to begin bargaining.

 As previously reported, there are four members on GSU Local 14’s bargaining committee. GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner will once again serve as the union’s bargaining spokesperson. GSU Local 14 members Curtis Shiels and Jerid Clark are new to bargaining and Nov. 10 was their first opportunity to meet each other and GSU staff rep Mason Van Luven. As a relatively new staff member of the union, this is Van Luven’s second opportunity to participate at a GSU bargaining table.

 Van Luven previously worked for an access to justice organization, so while he is new to sitting at a bargaining table, he is familiar with the challenge of opposing sides seeking common ground and the importance of careful phrasing of proposals.

 “I’ve had experience with two very different parties with different interests coming together to find a compromise that doesn’t undermine anyone’s position, and I’ve seen how just one word can change the entire meaning of an article,” Van Luven said. “I’m looking forward to being a part of the bargaining committee as a union staff member and seeing how the process unfolds.”’

Van Luven has been tasked with providing GSU bargaining updates to members of Local 14 as bargaining proceeds. Our Tuesday Members’ Memo database is our contact information source, so members who aren’t currently receiving our e-newsletter won’t receive bargaining updates. Please share this information with your co-workers and encourage them to contact GSU staff rep Mason Van Luven at Mason@gsu.ca to be added to our email list.

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