* Joint Executive Council

The Joint Executive Council (JEC) of GSU comprises the representatives elected by the Locals. Each Local shall be entitled to at least one representative on the JEC except in the case of Locals 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19 whose delegates shall meet in caucus at Policy Conventions to elect one representative and an alternate. The Policy Convention elects the GSU president and two GSU Vice-Presidents to serve as elected members of the Joint Executive Council.

The JEC plays an essential role in GSU, serving as a governing body that oversees the union’s business and decision-making processes between biennial policy conventions. This body is tasked with the responsibility of making decisions that set the direction for GSU and its members.

These officers are elected by members to represent their Locals or sub-locals (i.e. groups of workers employed by specific employers or organized based on geographic and workplace locations). JEC officers have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and considerations faced by workers within their respective Locals or sub-locals. By bringing this valuable insight to meetings, they ensure that the voices and concerns of members are effectively communicated and addressed. This direct representation ensures that the interests and priorities of members are given due consideration and accurately reflected in the decisions made by the JEC.

GSU President – 1 – Jim Brown
GSU Vice Presidents – 2 – Sheila Tran, Anastassia Oborotova

  • Local 1 (Viterra Ops/Maintenance) – 4 representatives
    Dave Barrett (Local 1 president), Matt Denomie, (vacant), (vacant)
  • Local 2 (Viterra Offices) – 2 representatives
    Howard Wilson, Kaylee Yanoshewski
  • Local 4 (Grain Millers) – 2 representatives
    Scott Robertson, Synklita Smith 
  • Local 5 (Western Producer/GVIC) – 1 representative
  • Local 6 (Wild West Steelhead) – 1 representative
    Connor Hartley
  • Local 7 (Heartland) – 1 representative
  • Local 8 (Advance Employees Association) – 3 representatives
    Dion Elliott, Doug Murray, Scott Weisenberger
  • Local 9 (Trouw Nutrition) – 1 representative
    Jordan Jefferson
  • Local 13 (IATSE Local 295), Local 16 (Lake Country Co-op), Local 17 (Discovery Co-op), Local 18 (Lloydminster Co-op), Local 19 (Prairie Co-op) – 1 representative
  • Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) – 2 representatives
    Curtis Shiels, Jerid Clark
  • Local 15 (Nutrien) – 4 representatives
    Brian Cowan, David Jones, Victoria McLeod, (vacant)