How to get the most from your performance evaluation

Many GSU members have already participated or are getting ready for their year-end performance evaluation.

Make sure you are giving your employer all the necessary information they should have from you.

Take the time to fill out the comments section of your self evaluation. This is your opportunity to present your case and provide a basis for what is discussed during your review. Don’t be shy! List the things you have done, what you have accomplished, and how you have gone above and beyond for your employer.

Be specific.

For example, if you work in a grain elevator,

  • Did you load rail cars to specifications?
  • Did you load to collect an incentive for your employer or avoid a penalty?
  • Did you pitch in and help get the project done time?
  • How many weekends or other days of rest did you work?
  • Was there a customer who you made incredibly happy?

Write it down in your comments, and keep extra examples with you when you sit down for your review.

Not sure what to include in your comments?

GSU president Jim Brown offers this hint.

“Talk with your co-workers about filling in your comments and create a discussion in the workplace. Don’t be shy about asking them what they did and what they will be writing down,” Brown said. “A group discussion may help you recall some of your other contributions and achievements in the past year, and you may find your co-workers can remind you about times you went the extra mile and vice-versa.”