Performance Review do and don’ts

GSU wants to help you make your performance review work for you.

What are Performance Reviews?

Many GSU members will have a performance review completed by their manager. The process starts with goal setting at the beginning of the fiscal year (November – December), a mid-year review (May-June), and a final review (September – October).

The reviews are a company process and GSU has had no input into how they are developed, implemented, or used.

These reviews are equally yours as they are your employer’s. They are being used to assist your workplace development and provide you with a performance rating that will determine your yearly salary increase. It is up to you to make sure that your performance review is being completed correctly, fairly, and with your input.

What is used and written on your performance review must to be factual. You need to make sure that the comments and feedback are accurate.

What you should do

Your job through the goal setting review, your mid-year performance review, and your final performance review is to:

Ask questions.

If something is written down as a goal or comment on your review, ask why. Ensure that the details of the review process are clear to you so you understand what is expected of you for the year and you can work toward goals or make corrections in how you are working.

If you don’t agree, say something.

If a goal is written down and you feel it is too far out of reach, say so. Goals are supposed to be challenging to achieve, but if they are ridiculously high then how can you be expected to succeed? If you disagree with a comment in your mid-year or final review you need to tell your manager. If you believe the comments  made by your manager are not accurate or based on facts, the onus is on you to say that you disagree. Tell your manager specifically what you disagree with and tell them why and what you think should be done ( for example,  remove the comments or reword the goals).

Make sure your performance review is accurate before you agree to it.

If you don’t like the way something is worded or think it just doesn’t properly reflect the point you are trying to get across, ask to have it changed and stated accurately. Have patience to make it right and don’t settle for close enough. Little inaccuracies you don’t think matter now may become a big deal later, so don’t agree to your performance review unless it is clear and accurate. 

Be sure you record your comments in the comments section.

If you disagree with goals or comments and you tell your manager, make sure you also write  your thoughts down in the section provided for your comments.Make sure you write your comments on your performance review at each step along the way. This written record of what you agree with and what you disagree with will help make the performance review process work for you. Your comments should be clear, factual, and respectful.

Be sure to complete yourself self-assessment leading up to your performance reviews.

The company will provide up to 45 minutes to complete your self-assessment, so ask your manager for the  time and a quiet place to complete your self assessment.

Make sure you understand the process.

The performance review process can be confusing and hard to understand. Asking your manager for training on the performance management plan and asking questions for clarification will help if don’t understand.If you find you need further clarification you can contact your GSU staff representative. Call or email GSU and your staff representative will answer  answer your questions and assist you in whatever way you require throughout your entire performance review process, with your final review, and your rating.

Can my performance review be changed?

When you sit down with your Manager to go over your performance review let your Manager know when you come across a rating or some comments that you disagree with. Make your case to them about why you think a particular rating needs to be changed and ask them to look into it. If you still disagree with your performance review – whether it be your rating or comments – contact your GSU staff representative and we will work with you to appeal your performance review.

Are you a manager conducting performance reviews on your employees? Here’s what you need to know.

As a manager you will be responsible for completing performance reviews for your staff. To do this you must ensure that you are trained on the Pay For Performance Plan and understand how to use the system to complete the reviews.

If you are not comfortable completing a performance review, ask your manager for assistance. You may also want to contact your GSU staff representative with your questions about your rights and how to protect yourself.

Are you an employee who is unhappy with a performance review or rating? Call us.

GSU members need to be sure that they are comfortable with their final performance review and rating. If you have any concerns call your GSU staff rep . We will answer your questions and help to understand or correct your review.

There is no cost for consulting with a GSU rep. We will provide as much assistance as you require, and we will not act on your behalf without your approval or consent.