If you are experiencing problems with your EI claim, call your GSU staff rep. They can assist you or steer you toward the additional assistance you may need.

This service is provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.

EI and Seasonal Layoffs

GSU members working for Viterra

Mark Crawford at the Unemployed Workers Centre in Regina advises employees to apply for EI benefits as soon as possible after layoff. Viterra files their employee’s Record of Employment electronically. You do not receive a copy. Waiting to file your claim can result in delays and missed weeks of coverage.

GSU members working for other employers

GSU members who do not work for Viterra and whose employer files paper Records of Employment should wait until they receive the ROE before they apply, unless it takes more than two weeks to receive it.

If you have waited 2 weeks for your ROE and it hasn’t arrived, apply for EI anyway and let them know you have not received your ROE.

Do you have questions about EI?

If you have any questions about your layoff or EI, call your staff rep.

If you are having problems with your EI claim you can also contact the Unemployed Workers Centre in Regina or Saskatoon.

The Unemployed Workers Help Centre is a non-profit organization providing information and advocacy services on Employment Insurance. This service is open to everyone in need and no fees are charged for any service. They will help you by:

  • advising you of your rights and obligations
  • mediating between you and the Employment Insurance Commission
  • helping to prepare and present your EI appeal.

Unemployed Workers Help Centres: www.unemployedworkerscentre.org

Regina Help Centre
1888 Angus Street
Regina, Sask.
S4T 1Z4
Phone: (306) 525-5138
Fax: (306) 525-5148
e-mail: uwhc.regina@sasktel.net

Saskatoon Help Centre
2154 Airport Drive (located in the same building as GSU-Saskatoon)
Saskatoon, Sask.
S7L 6M6
Phone: (306) 382-8662
Fax: (306) 978-7815
e-mail: uwhc.saskatoon@sasktel.net