Membership dues

GSU is funded exclusively by membership dues (known as union dues). Every employee who is covered by a collective agreement pays dues which entitle them not only to the services and benefits the union negotiates into their collective agreements, but to the services and representation provided by GSU. Through your union dues you have access to rights, resources and expertise that you could never afford on your own.

GSU’s services are provided by staff employed by the union. Occasionally legal counsel, actuaries, and other experts are retained to provide specialized services.

GSU dues are 1.75 percent of your regular pay. No dues are collected on overtime pay or bonus pay. All union dues are 100 percent income tax deductible. Employees in GSU bargaining units also pay an additional 1 percent to a maximum of $10 per month into the GSU Defense Fund.

You can access GSU’s audited financial statements – including membership dues – in the Report of the GSU’s Joint Executive Council. This report is prepared, distributed to the GSU membership, and posted on this web page each spring. (Visit MEMBERSHIP SERVICES/REPORTS to view the most recent reports and statements.)