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Not sure who you should speak to? Find out here.

Do you need help with an issue in your workplace?

Talk to a GSU staff rep. All calls are strictly confidential.

We will work with you to find answers to your questions, recommend what course of action is best to follow, and work with you to find the solutions that work for you.

Contacting GSU does not mean that you are obligated to file a grievance. We are here to assist you in any way we can, but we will not contact your employer or act on your behalf without consultation, direction, and approval from you.

Call GSU toll-free: 1.866.522.6686 (Regina) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon).
For Local calls, in Regina phone 306.522.6686 or in Saskatoon phone 306.384.7314.

GSU email

GSU – Regina Office
2334 McIntyre Street, Regina, SK Canada  S4P 2S2
Phone  306.522.6686
Fax  306.565.3430

GSU- Saskatoon office
2154 Airport Drive, Saskatoon, SK Canada  S7L 6M6
Phone  306.384.7314 (currently forwarded to GSU Regina)
Fax  306.384.1006

Executive Committee

Jim Brown, GSU president
Michelle Houlden, GSU vice-president
Sheila Tran, GSU vice-president

GSU Staff

Hugh Wagner, general secretary
Phone 306.522.2106
Cell/Text 306.536.3414

Lynn Woods-Nordin, assistant general secretary
Phone 306.522.6686, ext. 231 | direct line 306.525.8779
Cell/Text 306.535.7133

Steve Torgerson, staff representative (Regina)
Phone 306.522.6686, ext. 226 | direct line 306.522.6687
Cell/Text 306.529.5925

Donna Driediger away on leave.  Please contact Hugh Wagner or Steve Torgerson for assistance.
Donna Driediger
, staff representative (Regina)
Phone 306.522.6686, ext. 227 | 306.522.2107
Cell/Text 306.529.1784

Brian Lark, staff representative (Saskatoon)
Phone: 306.384.7314
Cell/Text  306.331.4220

Mason Van Luven, staff representative (Regina)
Phone: 306.522.6686, ext. 692 | 306.522.6692 
Cell/Text  306.552.7987

Debbie Head, financial representative (Regina)
Phone 306.522.6686, ext. 680 | 306.522.6680
Cell/Text 306.537.4837

Your elected Joint Executive Council officers:

GSU President – Jim Brown
GSU Vice Presidents – Michelle Houlden, Sheila Tran

  • Local 1 (Viterra Ops/Maintenance) – 4 representatives
    Dave Barrett, Travis Brewer, Matt Denomie, Glenn Outram 
  • Local 2 (Viterra Offices) – 2 representatives
    Sheila Tran, Howard Wilson
  • Local 4 (Grain Millers) – 2 representatives
    Glen Wlasichuk, Kevin Pickup
  • Local 5 (Western Producer/GVIC) – 1 representative
    Sharlene Lark
  • Local 6 (Wild West Steelhead) – 1 representative
    Pasha Mughal
  • Local 7 (Heartland) – 1 representative
    Heather Mackay
  • Local 8 (Advance Employees Association) – 3 representatives
    Dion Elliott, Steve Holliday, Doug Murray
  • Local 9 (Trouw Nutrition) – 1 representative
    Jordan Jefferson
  • Local 13 (IATSE Local 295), Local 16 (Lake Country Co-op), Local 17 (Discovery Co-op), Local 18 (Lloydminster Co-op), Local 19 (Prairie Co-op) – 1 representative
    Ben Scott
  • Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) – 2 representatives
    Jerid Clark, Craig Reiman
  • Local 15 (Nutrien) – 4 representatives
    Brian Cowan, David Jones, Lynn Shaw, (vacant)


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