Member services

Welcome to GSU!

As a member of GSU, you are never alone in facing changes and challenges. No matter where you work, GSU is as close to you as your telephone or internet connection.

Since 1936 GSU has worked hard to represent its members. We have bargained workplace contracts and agreements, fought successfully for improved health and safety, improved benefit plans, protected pension plans, and implemented grievance arbitrations which allow disputes to be settled fairly and consistently. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we will continue to work hard to improve workplace conditions for our members.

Let us know if you are a new member – or let us know when you have a new member in your workplace. We will send you a copy of our new member booklet and add you to our mailing list so you receive important notices and updates from GSU.

Your privacy is important to us. Your contact information will not be shared and will only be used for direct communication from us to you.