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ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Questions regarding benefits under the SWP/GSU Pension Plan

A former member of GSU had a number of questions regarding their benefit under the old SWP/GSU pension plan. With the permission of the pensioner, staff rep Lawrence Maier contacted the pension officials and got the required information. “One issue we … Continue reading

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OPINION PIECE – TIM QUIGLEY, EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF LAW: Bill 40 says winding-up/shutting down a Crown corporation is not privatization. There should be a complete repeal of Bill 40.

Do we trust the government? The citizens of Saskatchewan know that Crown corporations act in the public interest to provide services and revenue to the province that private corporations do not always do.  Sasktel provides internet and cellular coverage to … Continue reading

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Canadian unions believe anyone with a health card should have coverage for the medicines they need. Learn more on Nov. 23 in Regina

Canada’s unions are proud that we’ve won health insurance coverage for many of our members. But we believe anyone with a health card should have coverage for the medicines they need. That’s why we’re working to win a universal prescription … Continue reading

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Joint Executive Council (GSU’s board of directors) holds semi-annual meeting

GSU’s Joint Executive Council met in Saskatoon on October 19. The meeting agenda included business related to succession planning in GSU’s administration. Among other things, the Council approved a proposal to advertise and fill a staff rep position in the union’s Regina … Continue reading

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JOB POSTING: GSU staff representative – deadline for receipt of applications Nov. 14

Receipt of Applications closed Nov. 14. The Joint Executive Council of Grain and General Services Union (ILWU Canada) has approved advertising a staff representative vacancy in the union’s Regina office. The objective is to fill the position by early January … Continue reading

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ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: GSU follows-up on instruction given to members; miscommunication resolved

Several Local 1 (Viterra) members scheduled to work 13.3 hour shifts from Thursday, October 12 to Saturday, October 14 inclusive were told they had to reduce their work time by eight hours since Thanksgiving Day fell on the Monday of … Continue reading

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Wicihitowin Aboriginal Engagement Conference was much more than a conference for GSU staff rep

GSU is committed to supporting, promoting and facilitating truth and reconciliation. Education and awareness are important parts of the process, so on Oct. 11 and 12 GSU staff representatives Dale Markling and Steve Torgerson attended the Wîcihitowin Aboriginal Engagement Conference … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2017: Would you prefer to take Friday, Nov. 10 or Monday, Nov. 13 in lieu? Tell us by Oct. 23

Remembrance Day falls on a Saturday this year. The Canada Labour Code and the Saskatchewan Employment Act mandate that the Monday following Remembrance Day is to be taken as a day in lieu. However, unionized employees have more choice. Would … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Stable, reliable shift schedules. Bring your suggestions to your annual meeting

One thing that makes shift work bearable is having a set schedule worked out far in advance. Shift workers plan their lives around days off. Working nights and weekends puts a great strain on daily living, and especially family life. Having and … Continue reading

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ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: moving a pension deposit to another financial institution

A pensioner contacted GSU staff rep Dale Markling  to find out how to change his pension deposit to different financial institution. Dale directed him to the pension plan administrator and provided a contact number to request the necessary forms. Do … Continue reading

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What is wrong with the government selling 49% of a crown corporation? Wouldn’t the people of Saskatchewan still be able to control the crown corporation?

There are major problems with partial privatization.  If 10% or more of a Crown corporation is privatized, the corporation will have to pay federal taxes.  Crown corporations that are fully publicly-owned are exempt from federal taxation. Paying taxes forever should … Continue reading

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ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Notice of job elimination sorted out

    A member of GSU Local 15 (CPS) was notified that her job was being eliminated. Since the member was on maternity leave, the effective date of the position elimination was delayed until her maternity leave ceases. However, Article 24 … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: clarification on temporary performance of higher duties

A GSU member has requested clarification on the “Temporary Performance of Higher Duties” provision of their collective agreement.  The employee feels they are performing duties that are above the job description set out for their position. When employees are assigned to do duties … Continue reading

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GSU Defense Fund assets top $4 million

According to the second quarter portfolio report, the GSU Defense Fund had assets of $3.8 million invested with RBC Dominion Securities in addition to $317,000 in cash on deposit at Affinity Credit Union. Total assets currently stand at $4.117 million. … Continue reading

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Part-time work best for aging brains

If you are over 40 and able to celebrate an extra-long weekend, you may find you are more productive than usual next week. Research found that older and middle-aged workers show their sharpest cognitive skills when they work 25 to 30 hours … Continue reading

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