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Happy New Year to You from Us!

GSU offices will be closed on Jan. 3.

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GSU members vote to continue Defense Fund dues

A majority of 72.81 percent of members voting at GSU annual meetings have voted to approve a motion to continue the additional dues being paid into the GSU Defense Fund for another year. Votes on the additional dues were conducted … Continue reading

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No Tuesday Members’ Memo e-newsletter on Jan. 28


Local 8 (Advance): Continue bargaining … or declare an impasse?

A copy of Local 8’s bargaining proposals is available here. TMM – Dec. 21, 2021 Continue bargaining or declare impasse? Local 8 (Advance) committee to meet management committee in early January AEA/GSU Local 8’s bargaining committee met with their counterparts … Continue reading

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Some progress made in Local 14/Richardson bargaining; committees will meet again in Regina, Jan. 11, 12

GSU Local 14’s bargaining proposals are available here. GSU staff representative Mason Van Luven will be providing GSU bargaining updates to members of Local 14 as bargaining proceeds. Our Tuesday Members’ Memo database is our contact information source, so members … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Verifying pay stubs

Staff representative Steve Torgerson is assisting a GSU member who is struggling to receive the correct pay for hours they worked this autumn. “Payroll systems are complex,” said Torgerson. “By attempting to reduce human error and maximize efficiency using automated … Continue reading

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Car loading continues to cause problems for terminal elevator employees

Being constantly expected by your employer to adapt and adjust schedules at the last moment is all too common for GSU members working for Viterra and Richardson. Fortunately, there are tools that can help push back against unreasonable expectations, create … Continue reading

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CountryGuide: Elevators hope mandatory vaccination doesn’t disrupt operations

Read this CountryGuide story here:  Elevators hope mandatory vaccination doesn’t disrupt operations – New regulations will require all federally regulated employees to comply early in 2022

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: If it’s important, get it in writing

One piece of advice frequently offered by GSU staff reps is “get it in writing.” “There are many different situations where members may receive verbal assurances, instructions or directives,” said GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson. “Conversations can be interpreted differently, … Continue reading

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GSU members donate to BC flood and extreme weather relief appeal

If someone asks if you have donated to help the people affected by flooding in British Columbia, you can tell them yes, you have – through your union. In response to the widespread hardship resulting from the recent flooding, GSU’s … Continue reading

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How to deal with off-colour comments and jokes at your holiday gathering (and everywhere else)

The holiday season is just around the corner. Assuming we aren’t sent to our respective corners by another wave of COVID, there will be holiday gatherings and inevitably we will encounter off-colour and outdated jokes and comments that have no … Continue reading

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Employer replies to GSU on 2022 wage increases

  Tuesday Members’ Memo – Nov. 23, 2021 A senior manager with Nutrien Ltd. has replied to GSU’s proposal of employee wage increases in 2022 that reflect the rising cost of living in Canada. On Nov. 26, Mr. Michael Webb, … Continue reading

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The Path to Reconciliation: Treaties

From the Tuesday Members’ Memo – Nov. 30, 2021 Our path to reconciliation includes listening, learning, and creating opportunities for education and participation within GSU. On the last Tuesday of each month we will be sharing a short piece of … Continue reading

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Have you used your Health Flex Spending Account or other health benefits? It’s time to check your account.

The point of using your health benefits isn’t just to use up the money – it’s to make sure that you are getting the medications, treatments and help you need to feel and be your best mentally and physically. Self-care … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Helping members sort through snow-day paystub issues

GSU staff reps are fielding calls from members who reviewed their pay stubs and are questioning how their time was calculated. Employees throughout Saskatchewan were sent home early or told not to come in when last week’s winter storm created … Continue reading

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