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Local 5 (Western Producer) members vote to accept tentative settlement

On Jan. 5, the members of GSU Local 5 (Western Producer Publications) voted to accept the terms of the memorandum of settlement that was reached shortly before Christmas. The settlement provides for salary increases of 1%, 1%, and 1.25% in … Continue reading

Local 05 - Western Producer

Draft version of new collective agreement available online to Local 15 (Nutrien) members

The draft version of the new Local 15 (Nutrien) collective agreement is now available on GSU’s web page at  under the Collective Agreements  tab. It incorporates the provisions from the Memorandum of Settlement that GSU Local 15 (Nutrien) members … Continue reading

Local 15 - CPS|Agrium

What will a GSU convention look like during a pandemic? We’re working toward figuring that out

The beginning of 2021 finds us all attempting to keep our heads above the so-called second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is no less the case at GSU where plans are underway to hold the union’s 2021 policy convention … Continue reading


WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Get it in writing!

GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson is assisting a member whose understanding of circumstances didn’t coincide with the understanding management had on the same situation. Unfortunately, nothing is in writing, and when there is nothing in writing, it’s harder to enforce. … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Executive Grievance for storm-stayed Viterra employees moving to Step 2

GSU’s executive grievance claiming pressing necessity leave for Viterra employees who were storm stayed on Nov. 9 is going to a Step 2 grievance meeting early in the new year. “We attempted to convince the employer of the merits of … Continue reading

Local 01 - Viterra Ops & Maintenance

Local 5 (Western Producer) members to vote on tentative settlement

The GSU Local 5 and company bargaining committees have reached a tentative settlement.  Details of the settlement will not be released at this time pending a Jan. 5 membership ratification meeting. GSU Local 5 bargaining committee members are Sharlene Tetrault, … Continue reading

Local 05 - Western Producer

GSU Defense Fund directors meet to review investments, finances

The board of directors of the GSU Defense Fund met on Dec. 10 to receive an update on the financial position of the Fund and hold an investment review meeting with representatives of RBC Dominion Securities. The reports received by the … Continue reading

Defense Fund

Members vote to approve constitutional changes, continue Defense Fund dues

Members attending GSU’s annual general membership meetings were asked to vote on amendments to GSU’s constitution and whether to continue paying dues  into the GSU Defense Fund. Meetings have concluded, the results of the votes have been tabulated. Majority approve continuing … Continue reading

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BeGrainSafe mobile training trailer demonstrates and educates dangers of grain entrapment

According to the Canada Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), the number of people being trapped in grain is on the rise in Canada. With that in mind, CASA developed their BeGrainSafe program to help farmers, their families, workers and first responders … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Hours of work issues from 134 railcar loading programs

GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner is continuing to press Viterra management to take concrete steps to address hours of work issues stemming from 134 railcar loading programs. “In some instances, problems with design, staffing and railway performance combine to create … Continue reading

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Have you used your Health Flex Spending Account or other health benefits?

The point of using your health benefits isn’t just to use up the money – it’s to make sure that you are getting the medications, treatments, and help you need to feel and be your best. Check your collective agreement … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Navigating COVID at the workplace

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world around us has become challenging and unusual. People find themselves thrust into situations for which there is no playbook. And so it was for a group of GSU members who were … Continue reading

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Is your leave of absence a paid leave? It depends on the circumstances and the wording of your collective agreement

Under GSU’s collective agreements with various employers, provisions exist for modest periods of paid leaves of absence to enable employees to attend to personal or family emergencies, support, or care situations without suffering a loss of pay. Depending on the … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Does pressing necessity leave cover absence from work caused by severe weather and/or travel conditions?

GSU is currently engaged in discussions with at least one employer in relation to employees who were unable to get to work as a result of the severe snow storm that hit southwest and west-central Saskatchewan on Nov. 9. The … Continue reading

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Make workplace safety a top priority during COVID-19’s second wave

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and it is more prevalent than the first wave in the prairie provinces. GSU members passed through COVID’s first wave relatively unscathed as there were only a handful of reported … Continue reading

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