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Congratulations to our 2021 GSU scholarship recipients

Our scholarship committee met last week to select this year’s GSU scholarship recipients. Congratulations to these five deserving students: Joel George – $2,000 Dependent Scholarship Taylor Quest – $2,000 Dependent Scholarship Leah Weinkauf – $2,000 Dependent Scholarship Mark Graeme – $2,000 Member Scholarship Amy … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Filing a WCB claim

Staff rep Steve Torgerson is guiding a member through questions and the process of filing a WCB claim. “We can assist with Workers’ Compensation Board appeals and other problems with claims,” Torgerson said. “Members should always feel free to call … Continue reading

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Renovations continue at the GSU Regina office building

The stucco work has come to a halt while we await the arrival and installation of new windows. Roughly 80 percent of the building has been covered in a scratch coat, with the final 20 percent awaiting window installation before … Continue reading

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Too hot to work? Too cold to work? Here’s what you need to know about working in extreme conditions in Saskatchewan

GSU members can face many weather-related challenges, whether it’s working in a confined space in the heat of the summer months or diving into frigid water in the winter. If you work anywhere other than a climate controlled office, check … Continue reading

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Grievance action results in pay boosts for several GSU members working in Local 1 (Viterra)

Persistence has paid off for several GSU members working in Viterra country operations and maintenance. They will soon see pay boosts as a result of GSU grievance action on their behalf. The grieving members questioned the fairness of their rates … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: We’re hearing from GSU members having problems with vacation requests

Summer is here and it’s vacation season for those who love to be out in the heat and sunshine. As is the case every year, GSU is hearing from members who are having problems booking or receiving their requested vacation … Continue reading

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Congratulations to our Clear Bag contest winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our stadium bag contest last week. Here are our five lucky winners: Glenda Hunter-Craig (Viterra) David Barrett (Viterra) Heather Wiebe (Nutrien) Mark Lannigan (Nutrien) Tarah Buo (Viterra). Hopefully there are many opportunities to give … Continue reading

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Need assistance this summer? Contact GSU staff members Hugh Wagner or Steve Torgerson

If you need assistance in the summer months, don’t hesitate to contact Hugh or Steve. Staff rep Donna Driediger is scheduled to return from a leave of absence in mid-August, and we are working to hire a new staff rep … Continue reading

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Canada Day 2021 – What is the appropriate and respectful way to celebrate … or should we be celebrating at all?

    There has been considerable debate about Canada Day celebrations. The tragic discoveries of unmarked graves at Canada’s Residential Schools sites has left many of us unsure how to appropriately and respectfully celebrate Canada Day, and if Canada Day … Continue reading

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WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Members seek union assistance to address unsanitary lunchroom issues

When GSU members felt unheard and frustrated about lunchroom conditions that made them want to lose their lunch, they turned to the union for help. The first step to solving a problem is to check in with supervisors and managers … Continue reading

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Office facelift underway at the GSU Regina office

GSU’s Regina office is receiving some much needed work. The aging brick exterior needed some TLC and the options were to repoint it or change things up with stucco. The decision was made to do latter. “The building is owned … Continue reading

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GSU’s executive committee meets, reviews recruiting process for staff rep vacancy, office renovations

GSU’s executive committee comprising president Jim Brown, vice presidents Michelle Houlden and Curtis Cousins along with general secretary Hugh Wagner held a conference call meeting on June 17.  The committee received an update on renovations to GSU’s office in Regina, … Continue reading

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We’re accepting expressions of interest from GSU members wanting to become a GSU Defense Fund director

The board of directors of the GSU Defense Fund  is responsible for overseeing the administration and investment of the Fund assets (currently $5.3 million). The primary purpose of the Fund is to provide income protection and assistance to GSU members … Continue reading

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There have been staff responsibility changes at GSU. You can check them out here.

The retirement of GSU staff rep Dale Markling has spurred a number of changes to staffing assignments and a redistribution of responsibilities for member service locations for the remaining staff. A list of the current locals/sub-locals with locations and GSU … Continue reading

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Grievance results in pressing necessity leave awarded and banked time/overtime/vacation restored to members

When a severe winter storm prevented a number of GSU Local 1 members from attending work for all or part of their shifts on Nov. 9, 2020, they were required by their employer to use banked overtime or vacation to … Continue reading

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