WE’RE WORKING ON IT: workplace reorganization results in changes to job title, duties

General secretary Hugh Wagner is assisting a member whose job title and duties changed as a result of a workplace reorganization. 

“When the employer changes the title of a job or revises the duties in a significant way they are obliged to notify the union. In turn, GSU can advance an argument that the changes should result in a higher salary grade,” Wagner said. “In this instance GSU wasn’t notified until the affected union member raised the subject. We’re now pursuing a review of the job and whether the salary should change.” 

Wagner anticipates a meeting with the employer in the next the next two weeks.

GSU helps sort things out.  When there are problems in the workplace there are may factors to consider. A GSU staff rep has access to information and can help gather all the facts and identify whether your rights have been violated.
These services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.