GSU CONVENTION UPDATE: Delegates make the best of new convention format to take care of union business

GSU delegates gathered in Regina and online March 18 and 19 to participate in GSU’s 14th biennial policy convention. The convention was originally scheduled for March 2020 but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While GSU conventions are known for being in person, highly interactive and social, this year’s convention observed government regulations for gatherings with an option for delegates to participate via Zoom if they preferred. The usual getting-to-know-you session, educational component, banquet and accompanying social were set aside this year in favour of a lean agenda which strictly addressed required business and kept meeting time to a minimum.

Delegates made the best of the new convention format by patiently and diligently working through the business of the union, including approval of the Joint Executive Council’s annual report* to members, the union’s audited financial statements, and a budget estimate for 2021. A wide variety of resolutions were also considered and approved, and election of GSU’s top officers and five directors to GSU’s Defense Fund took place. Serving GSU members for the next two years are:

President – Jim Brown
Vice Presidents – Curtis Cousins / Michelle Houlden
General Secretary – Hugh Wagner
Defense Fund Directors – Wilfred Harris, Barb Healey, Doug Kampman, Darryl Knelsen, and Sheldon Reiss.

“The conditions for holding a convention were unusual and they made things cumbersome to say the least,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “We played the cards we were dealt and it wouldn’t have been possible to conduct the essential business of GSU without the patience, participation, and support of the convention delegates.”

“We are looking forward to a return to our familiar convention format in 2023.”

*The Annual Report of the Joint Executive Council with accompanying audited financial statements is being prepared for distribution to GSU members. Contact your GSU staff rep if you would like additional details about the work accomplished at GSU’s convention.