2024 Annual Day of Mourning, April 28

The day of mourning is a memorial ceremony across Canada, where members of the labour movement come together to remember and mourn the victims of workplace injuries and who have died because of workplace incidents, accidents or exposure to harmful substances. We come together to remember their sacrifice, and to renew our pledge to urge governments and employers to improve the health and safety standards in the workplace, and workers compensation benefits in the workplace.

By remembering those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of work, we remember that it could have been us. It could have been our loved ones that we lost because of inadequate health and safety standards in the workplace. We come together to show our support for the ones left behind. We come together to show our solidarity. To stand next to our fellow workers, to stand up for ourselves and mostly we stand up to ensure that the future is safer for all.

A list of Saskatchewan services is available here.

An injury to one is an injury to all.