Alberta government’s Bill 32 is an assault on worker rights

Aug. 5, 2020

Workers and the labour movement in Alberta had been anticipating an assault on their rights since Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party (UCP) won Alberta’s provincial election in 2019. The assault arrived with the introduction of Bill 32.

Bill 32 effectively moves Alberta laws back to when workers had fewer rights. The changes tip the scales dramatically in favour of employers and aim to silence critics of the government. The Bill takes a shot at non-unionized workers with changes to the employment standards laws, and it reduces the bargaining power of union workers and their unions by making it extremely difficult for unions to advocate on behalf of their members.

Changes brought about by Bill 32 will very likely be challenged in the courts as they appear to be blatant violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as they pertain to the freedom of association.

You can expect to hear more about opposition to Bill 32 in the coming weeks and months.

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