Annual membership meetings are underway

It’s that time of year. If you haven’t received your annual general meeting notice yet, you will be receiving it soon.  

We’ll admit AGMs may not always be the most exciting way to spend an evening, but it’s important that members attend their meetings and exercise their rights in order for the union to run smoothly.  

Here’s what you can expect.

We’re probably going to feed you. 

We try to do whatever is most convenient for the members, and quite often that means a lunch or supper meeting. We have no problem conducting meeting business over a pizza or around the table of your favourite local restaurant.

You’ll get a say in things that directly affect you. 

We’ll be asking for your input on local issues and whether GSU members should continue to pay into the GSU Defense Fund. You’ll discuss where your Community Connection funding should be allocated and how your Local should spend its annual dues rebate on members. We’ll also ask you to select a coworker we can count on to share important information with you and who you know will keep us in the loop about questions or issues you are facing in your workplace. 

You’ll choose delegates to join their peers, union staff, and guests at the Moose Jaw Temple Gardens & Spa.

Spoiler alert – we’ll soon be announcing that the 2020 GSU Biennial Policy Convention is being held at the Moose Jaw Temple Gardens & Spa

Conventions are the perfect opportunity to make the changes you want in the union, learn more about your rights as a union member and meet other people who share your interests. You’ll hear exciting guest speakers and be entered for prizes at our Mock Casino Night social. All union members are welcome to attend so ask us about becoming a delegate, if you are interested.

Watch your email for your notice. 
If there is a meeting date and time that works well for you and your co-workers, let your rep know. And if you have something specific you would like addressed at your meeting, tell your staff rep.
Contact your GSU staff rep for more information.