ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Extended health and dental coverage while on long-term disability benefits

Hugh Wagner and the Executive Committee of Local 8 are following-up on a grievance challenging a decision by Advance Tank Centres Ltd. to terminate the extended health and dental coverage of an employee who is on long-term disability benefits. The employer has also advised that management intends to terminate the employee on account of blameless absenteeism.

“This is a completely new situation to me,” Wagner said. “I don’t recall any previous occasion of an employee being cut off benefits and having their employment terminated simply for being absent from work because they are suffering from a total disability.”

Wagner advises that GSU has referred the grievance to arbitration and is waiting to hear from the employer about scheduling an arbitration hearing.

“The employer’s logic in this situation is breathtakingly baffling”, Wagner said. “I think our chances of success at arbitration are very good.”

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