ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Maternity Leave, demonstrated performance and eligibility for a salary increase

Each year members patiently await their annual performance review in anticipation of their annual pay raise which is purportedly based on demonstrated performance in their job.

But what if an employee doesn’t have a demonstrated performance as a result of an approved absence from work?

A member on maternity leave reached out to GSU as she was worried her year-long leave would affect her eligibility for a salary increase. GSU staff representative Mason Van Luven looked into the matter on behalf of the member.

Since the employer’s policy wasn’t clear on this particular type of situation it took some digging, reviewing and persuasion. After some delay, the employer issued what the member deemed was a “fair” salary increase.

It is essential for employers and unions alike to ensure that policies and collective agreement provisions are adaptive and inclusionary in order to make the workplace more equitable for all employees.

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