ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: members receive significant improvements to annual salary

Three members recently received significant improvements to their annual salaries as a result of action taken on their behalf by GSU. 

A member challenged the equity of their rate of pay compared to another employee hired after them into the same job classification at a significantly higher rate of pay. The member raised their objection in early spring 2019 which led to representations by GSU and the eventual upward adjustment of their salary. 

Two other members were part of a GSU grievance action challenging the salary grade assigned to their job classification after a Company reorganization and transfer of a substantial amount of new work to the employees. The grievance was advanced to arbitration and was well underway when the employer and GSU agreed to resolve the matter, resulting in a substantial upward adjustment of the two members’ annual salaries. 

“These cases prove the value of raising issues with your union and following through with determined action,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “Each intervention on behalf of a union member is governed by the facts and collective agreement rights at play. The first step toward a successful outcome occurs when union members are willing to assert their rights – either collectively or as individuals – to equitable treatment by employers.”

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