ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Quick action solved a member’s EI problem

A GSU member who had participated in a Service Canada-approved work-sharing program at their place of employment received a notice suggesting they had been overpaid EI benefits and were required to repay a significant amount of money. Needless to say, the member was concerned.

Efforts by the union member to work with their employer and Service Canada to get to the bottom of the alleged overpayment were soon frustrated by the bureaucratic process. The member turned to their shop steward and GSU, resulting in referral of the matter to the Regina office of the Unemployed Workers Help Centre (UWHC).

Within two days of taking up the file, Mark Crawford (Executive Director/Advocate) was able to get answers and resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the GSU member.

“The Unemployed Workers Help Centre is a very valuable source of support that’s been utilized by GSU members numerous times over the years. Under the very able leadership of Mark Crawford, workers who have trouble with the EI program have a one-stop place to go for assistance,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “GSU supports the Unemployed Workers Help Centre with an annual donation from the union’s solidarity account. It’s money well spent.”

The Unemployed Workers Help Centre has offices in Regina and Saskatoon. They are an incorporated non-profit, community-based organization which provides information, advocacy, and representation for Employment Insurance claimants throughout Saskatchewan.

​UWHC services are free of charge to those who need them. You can learn more about their many services at

GSU services are provided to you and paid for by your union dues. There is never an additional charge for assisting you.