ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Should a member who is considering retirement wait around for possible retroactive pay?

Staff representative Donna Driediger assisted a GSU member with a question about the optimal timing for retirement amidst ongoing collective agreement negotiations. The member was contemplating retirement and considering whether or not to wait until bargaining was complete in order to remain eligible for negotiated retroactive pay.

Driediger explained that it wasn’t unusual for negotiated settlements to include retroactivity on wages to employees who are on staff at the time of ratification, including members on approved leaves of absence, such as maternity leave, disability, or sick leave. Driediger advised the GSU member that to maximize the opportunity to receive retroactive pay, it was advisable for the member to delay retirement until negotiations reached a conclusion.

Additionally, Driediger emphasized the importance of taking full advantage of all available benefits before retirement. This encompasses benefits like eyeglasses, prescriptions, and other entitlements to ensure members maximize their overall compensation and support.

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