ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Standy-by pay, call-in pay, and ability to make plans for the holiday season

Recently GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner was contacted by a group of members working in a terminal elevator who were concerned about their ability to make plans for the upcoming holiday season. Wagner provided the following information to the members in question.

“Call-in pay is intended to address the kind of situation where an individual has left work and is called back or she/he is on a day of rest and is called into work. Anyone who has December 23 and/or 24 as a day of rest who is called in to load can claim call-in pay or overtime pay, whichever is the greater.

In addition, employees who have December 23, 24, 27, 28, 29 or 30 as scheduled days of rest may have a claim for standby pay if they are being asked to make themselves available to load on those dates.

If employees work on the 26th (which is a stat holiday) in addition to eight hours stat holiday pay, anyone who works that day is to be paid at the overtime rate of pay (time and a half). In addition, December 27 and January 2 are to be days off work in lieu of Christmas day and New Year’s day falling on a Sunday. As a result, employees who work those days are entitled to holiday pay for the day or to receive another day off in lieu plus overtime pay for those days.”

Wagner adds that if employees are on days of rest, statutory holidays or vacation and have not been assigned standby duty, they are under no obligation to make themselves available for a call-in.

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