ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: workplace mediation at a GSU-represented workplace

Recently members at a GSU-represented workplace attended a workplace mediation meeting to address conflict between a number of union members and their manager. The mediation process resulted from grievance action taken by the union members in response to complaints they had about their manager.

“As a result of dialogue during the grievance process GSU, the grievors and the employer’s representatives agreed to give mediation a try,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “With the assistance of a mediator, all concerned participated and aired their differences and, while the experience is still fresh, I am reasonably optimistic that a renewed and forward-looking workplace relationship has been started” 

GSU members have access to a grievance process and it is intended to provide the means for resolving workplace disputes regardless of the subject. The decision to use the grievance procedure in GSU collective agreements is up to the employees involved in any given situation. Employees represented by GSU have access to union staff reps who will advise in relation to rights, responsibilities and the options available. The decision on whether to tackle an individual or group workplace problem through the grievance procedure rests with the union members involved.

Access to a grievance procedure free from discrimination, retaliation or retribution, and it is guaranteed to unionized workers by their collective agreement as well as federal and provincial labour legislation.

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Another Problem Solved

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