BARGAINING UPDATE: Richardson, Viterra (Nov. 13)

Updated Nov. 13, 2018

GSU and Richardson International Bargaining

GSU Local 14’s bargaining committee met with Richardson International representatives on Nov. 1 and 2. Bargaining proposals were exchanged and some progress was made in resolving a number of issues. Bargaining is scheduled to resume on Nov. 19 and 20.
A further update will be issued following the Nov. 19 and 20 meetings.

GSU and Viterra Bargaining

GSU Locals 1 and 2 bargaining committee is scheduled to meet with Viterra representatives on Dec. 5 and 6.

“It’s taken some time to nail down bargaining dates,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “When we meet GSU’s committee will be presenting union members’ bargaining proposals as well as pressing for expedited results.”

An update will be issued following the meetings with Viterra management in December.