Congratulations to our RUSH league final ticket winners

Congratulations to our RUSH league final Game 1 winners. Sounds like there will be some interesting cheers in the GSU seats this Saturday.

Winners of two tickets:

  • James Hajewich (Local 1 – Viterra)
    “The motto of the rush after each goal scored is pound your chest as a show of support for the team.  The cheer would be to stand up and pound your chest to the team song.”
  • Raelee Kearns (Local 2 – Viterra Head Office)
    “My cheer would be acting/dancing out to the “YMCA” song and replace those letters with “RUSH”.”
  • Perry Thiessen (Local 15 – CPS)
    “Go, Rush, Go”
  • Julie Usborne (Local 1 – Viterra)
    “My cheer would be! Give me an R    “R’,    Give me an U     “U”     Give me an S    “S”   Give me and H     “H”     What do have?    RUSH!  Louder  RUSH!!!!  GO RUSH GO!!! GO RUSH GO!!! GO RUSH GO!!!” 

Thanks to everyone who entered and played along.

We have a block of eight tickets to watch the Saskatchewan Rush take on the Rochester Knighthawks in a best-of-three series beginning May 26 in Saskatoon.

What does that mean to you?

We are giving away two tickets to four lucky GSU members. Get your answer to the following question back into our hands by noon on Wednesday, May 23 and your name will be entered in our draw.

If you could convince the other 7 GSU guests at the game to do a cheer at the game for the RUSH, what would that cheer be?

Send your answer to

Good luck in the draw! Go, Rush, go!