Congratulations to Samantha Skrudland, GSU’s 2017 First Nations University of Canada bursary recipient

We are pleased to announce that Samantha Skrudland has been chosen as our 2017 First Nations University of Canada bursary recipient.

You can learn more about Samantha and her career aspirations, below. GSU staff representatives Steve Torgerson will be attending the First Nations University of Canada Scholarship Luncheon on April 11 when Samantha is presented with her bursary cheque. 

This GSU bursary is open to an Aboriginal student enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at the First Nations University of Canada. Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 30 credit hours (not including ENGL 90/91 and AMTH 001/002/003 classes) to a maximum of 60 credit hours in any area of study leading to a degree. Financial need, leadership, participation and involvement in on-campus and student activities are considered in the selection of recipient.

Dear Grain and General Services,

My name is Samantha Skrudland and I currently reside in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I would like to extend a huge thank you and my gratitude for being awarded the Grain and General Services Bursary. Because of your generosity, I am now able to put the bursary towards my educational aspirations. As of April 2017, I will have successfully completed my second year of the Elementary Indigenous Education Degree Program.

Student funding is limited for undergraduate students. By receiving this award, I have gained a tremendous amount of financial support that would have rather been hard to make up for. With this generous bursary, I will be able to pay both my Fall 2017 tuition, as well as it will assist me with my living expenses.

I am of Métis descent and I am a member of the Métis Nation, Local 7. Currently, I am enrolled in the Indigenous Elementary Education Degree Program at the First Nations University of Canada at the Prince Albert Campus. I enrolled into post- secondary school to pursue my passion for teaching. In two years, I will complete school and obtain my bachelors in education. Upon establishing myself as a teacher in Prince Albert, I aspire to receive my teaching certificate in Special Needs Education and aim to receive employment working with First Nations youth with Special Needs around Prince Albert and Area. Once I have gained experience, I aspire to pursue a Masters of Education. By becoming an educator, I am aiming to inspire youth today to be excited about learning within the classroom and create a space that accepts all different types of learners.

Thank you once again,

Samantha Skrudland”