Covid-19 misinformation has become an epidemic


We all need to use our investigative skills to sort through the barrage of updates and bad advice about cures and protection.

Educate yourself by following credible news sources and experts

Looking for facts? Check out your local news stations, CBCCNNThe Washington Post, or the The New York Times. The World Health Organization is also a reliable source for the latest Covid-19 information.

Municipal, provincial and federal official websites are also a great place to go for news on changes to public policy, closures, and more. In fact, that’s where the media gets its information from.

Refuse to share misinformation and fake news 

Consider the source of the information and don’t share social media stories that aren’t from a credible news organization.

Learn more here: COVID-19 and social media: Limit the spread of fear by changing online behaviour.

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