CPS NON-UNION EMPLOYEES’ REPRESENTATION VOTE: The deadline for returning your mail-in ballot is Monday, January 30

The deadline for voting is only days away.

We urge employees at non-union CPS branches in Saskatchewan to vote to become part of the union so we can provide a strong collective agreement, dedicated GSU staff rep access, and our many other services to you and your fellow workers. We will always be stronger together.

The January 30 deadline for returning mail-in ballots is fast approaching. Please take the time to vote.

If you have any questions about GSU or the representation vote, call a GSU staff rep toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 (Regina office) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon office) or send us an email at gsu.regina@sasktel.net.

Additional information can be found here.

Background information:

  • On January 9 the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) sent ballots by registered mail on the question of being represented by GSU. 
  • Those you hadn’t received their ballot by January 20 were encouraged to contact the SLRB at 1.306.787.2406 or 1.306.787.7210.