Did you catch our mini-contest last week?

When we announced our t-shirt winner in our Aug. 11 Tuesday Members’ Memo, we also snuck in a little contest.

The first five members to reply and let us know they had read the contest article received a surprise gift of a GSU clear tote bag, a mask, and a buff in the mail. Congratulations to Glenda Hunter-Craig (Local 1 – Viterra), Kaylee Kruger (Local 2 – Viterra), Heather Mackay (Local 7 – Heartland), Leanne Ulmer (Local 14 – Richardson), and Local 1 (Viterra)’s Brett North who shocked himself when he broke his streak of never winning anything.

Thank you to everyone who replied. You may not have been one of our first five to reply, but we always appreciate hearing from you.