GSU has sent three grievances to arbitration


The first grievance is in relation to Local 9 (Trouw) members who did not receive their work performance evaluations in a timely manner. The members in question are seeking adjustments to their rates of pay. 

The second grievance is on behalf of a Local 1 (Viterra) union member whose employment was suspended without pay for three weeks. The grievance seeks to reverse the suspension. 

The third grievance referred to arbitration alleges discrimination and violation of the human rights of a Local 1 (Viterra) union member whose employment was terminated. 

The role of GSU is to help our members.

If you have questions about a workplace issue or if you are experiencing problems in the workplace, call a GSU staff rep toll-free at 1.866.522.6686. We will work with you to find answers to your questions, recommend a course of action to follow, and work with you to find the solutions that are best for you. You are not obligated to file a grievance and we will not contact your employer or act on your behalf without consultation, direction, and approval from you.

These services are provided to you as part of your union dues.