GSU legal counsel article: “Do I still have to hire her if she’s pregnant?”

Editor: The following article from GSU legal counsel Ronni Nordal provides valuable information for GSU members

“Do I still have to hire her if she’s pregnant?”

Do employees still need assistance protecting their rights in 2017? You bet they do.

Recently I received a cold call (an inquiry from someone who is not a client). The person calling was a small business owner and before I could explain that I represent employees – not employers – he blurted out his question:

“Last Week I offered someone a job and sent them the formal job offer. Yesterday she told me she was pregnant. Do I still have to hire her?”

My response: “YES. To revoke the employment offer would be discrimination.”

This employer was adamant that he had been lied to, as during the interview he asked whether “there were any health conditions he should know about” and the potential employee replied “no”. The employer felt he had been lied to and should not have to hire the person.

Response from me: “If the potential employee had told you she was pregnant, would you have hired her?”

Employer response: “No.”

It may be 2017, but employees still need assistance in having their rights protected – particularly employees with disabilities.

Ronni Nordal, LL.B. 
NORDAL LeBlanc Law Office