GSU members and staff attended the annual Sask. Federation of Labour’s OH&S conference last week

The act and regulations regarding OH&S were born in Saskatchewan 50 years ago.

Since then, Canada and many other countries have come to Saskatchewan to observe and adopt our laws and regulations regarding OH&S.

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Among the GSU attendees staff rep Brian Lark who chose the Saskatchewan Employment Act and Regulations Regarding OH&S class.

“As great as it was to see so many safety-orientated people, it was disheartening to hear that a safe workplace didn’t always seem to be the main priority for all employers,” Lark said. “Too many participants confirmed that the employer didn’t always follow the rules and regulations when it came to safety, the committees, and the employee contributions to safety.”

“The right to safe workplaces is a right that we are all entitled to and one that we all must participate in,” Lark continued. “If you see unsafe work, say something. If you are involved in an unsafe situation, speak up. If you are unsure if your workplace has a committee or if you want to know more about the rules and regulations regarding safety in your workplace, ask a shop steward, your manager or Human Resources.”

“The only way to effect change is to hold ourselves and our employers responsible for safety. Saskatchewan was the birthplace of safety laws and regulations, but we continually lead the country in workplace injuries and fatalities,” Lark concluded. “We need to make safety top of mind for everyone and ensure all workers go home in the same or better condition than they arrived at work.”