GSU’s governing body – the Joint Executive Council – to meet Oct. 8 in Regina

The semi-annual meeting of the Joint Executive Council (JEC) is scheduled for Oct. 8 in Regina.

Your elected council members will have the option of tending to union business during a socially-distanced meeting in Regina or attending the meeting through video conference.

The meeting agenda will include the following items:

1.     Minutes of the April 3, 2020 meeting.
2.     Business arising from the minutes.
3.     Administration and financial update.
4.     General Secretary’s fall 2020 report.
5.     GSU leadership and succession planning.
6.     2021 convention planning.
7.     Annual membership meetings.
8.     Other business.

If you have items that you would like the council to address, please contact a member of the council or your GSU staff representative.