Joint Executive Council approves staff rep hiring

GSU’s Joint Executive Council (GSU’s board of directors) held a conference call meeting on Nov. 30 to receive the report and recommendation of the committee assigned to conduct the recruitment to the staff representative position advertised on Oct. 31.After hearing and discussing the recruitment committee’s report, the Council approved a motion to hire Ms. Donna Driediger as GSU’s next staff rep.

Donna has previously worked for GSU in an administrative capacity and most recently as a staff rep from 2004 to 2009. She left GSU in 2009 to accept a similar position with her current employer, the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses. Donna is expected to re-join GSU’s ranks at the end of January 2018.

“The Joint Executive Council and I ask GSU members to join with us in extending a hearty welcome to Donna,” said general secretary Hugh Wagner. “We look forward to working with Donna again and drawing on her considerable and varied experience in representing union members.”