Local 14 (Richardson), Local 15 (Nutrien) board members meet, receive Local updates, elect officers

GSU Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) and Local 15 (Nutrien) delegates met separately via Zoom on Feb. 3 to elect the Locals’ representatives to GSU’s Joint Executive Council (board of directors). Reports on Local issues were also given.

In addition, Local 14 delegates had a preliminary discussion about preparing for agreement renewal bargaining this coming autumn and a late summer/early autumn delegates meeting geared to prepare for agreement renewal bargaining with Richardson Pioneer. Members at the Local 14 meeting also received an update on paid sick leave for employees age 65 or older. A decision on that matter is pending.

Congratulations to the following newly elected officers on GSU’s Joint Executive Council:

  • Local 14 (Richardson) Jerid Clark (White City), Justin Shauf (Langenburg).
  • Local 15 (Nutrien) Brian Cowan, Curtis Cousins, Lynn Shaw, David Jones.