Local 15 (Nutrien) – bargaining preparation schedule

Bargaining Survey (June 3 to 30, 2019)

A GSU survey is being developed for Local 15 (Nutrien) members to identify their bargaining priorities and workplace concerns. The survey will be emailed to Local 15 members in early June and will remain open for responses until June 30. Paper copies will also be distributed to work locations for members who prefer that method. 

Workplace Visits (June 3 – 30, 2019)
GSU staff will visit Local 15 (Nutrien) locations in June. The main purpose of these visits is to start discussion  about assembling bargaining proposals to present to Nutrien management when agreement renewal bargaining begins this Fall. 

If you have any questions or concerns the location visits will provide an opportunity to chat with a GSU staff representative, you can also contact your GSU representative by phone or email if needed.

Local 15 Delegate Call (week of June 10, 2019)
In mid-June we will be asking GSU members in each Local 15 (Nutrien) Sub-Local to nominate delegates to attend a GSU bargaining preparation meeting this autumn where the bargaining priorities identified by members will be consolidated into a set of proposals to present to Nutrien management.

This delegates meeting will include round-table discussion for members of Local 15 to share and learn what is happening throughout the province and share thoughts, ideas, and concerns from their locations. Meeting delegates will also elect a committee to represent members and conduct agreement renewal bargaining with Nutrien this autumn.

Talk to co-workers in your location and Sub-Local about bargaining proposals, what is important in your workplace, and who will attend the Local 15 (Nutrien) delegate meeting and represent you this fall. Union leave with pay and expenses will be arranged for members who agree to serve as delegates and attend the autumn meeting.