LOCAL 15 (Nutrien): Members soundly reject company’s final offer

All ballots received in GSU’s Regina office by 12:00 noon were counted by GSU Local 15 (Nutrien) bargaining committee members Lynn Shaw and Dale Markling. The vote was supervised by GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner and staff representative Steve Torgerson. 

The members have soundly rejected the company’s final offer presented on June 5, 2020. 

“77 percent of the ballots rejected the company’s final offer,” Shaw said. “The members have clearly told us the company’s proposal to eliminate our guarantees on sick leave, our pension plan, and paid leaves is not acceptable.”

“We have heard the members and will take direction from them,” Markling added. “We thank the members for their vote of confidence.”

“I will be serving Nutrien notice that their final offer has been rejected and we wish to get back to the bargaining table to try and find a resolution the members can accept,” Markling said. “The members want a settlement, but they are not prepared to give up the guarantees the collective agreement currently provides.”

After notice is served to Nutrien, it is GSU’s hope the parties can continue to meet and reach a tentative settlement to take to the members for a vote. Failing a negotiated settlement, either party is able to declare an impasse and request conciliation. If the conciliation fails to produce a settlement after the 60-day conciliation period, the parties would be in a legal strike or lock-out position following a two-week cooling off period.

This information was shared with Local 15 (Nutrien) members by email on July 3. If you are a Nutrien member and did not receive our email, you are not in our database. If you would like to be included in GSU emails, send your address to us at gsu@gsu.ca.