Local 8 (Advance) grievance referred to arbitration

A Local 8 policy grievance challenging the length of layoff notice that was given to six employees by Advance Tank Production Ltd. has been referred to arbitration

At the end of April, Advance Tank Production issued a mass layoff notice to its work force in response to economic conditions in the oil sector and the COVID-19 pandemic. AEA/GSU Local 8 took issue with the length of layoff notice given to six employees and argued they were entitled to eight weeks’ notice or pay in lieu. Discussions during the grievance procedure were not successful in resolving the disagreement and the grievance was referred to arbitration. An arbitrator remains to be selected and dates for hearing will follow. 

“While this grievance has been referred to arbitration, we continue to communicate with the employer in an effort to resolve the disagreement,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner.