Oct. 20 is International Pronoun Day

What is more important: How you see someone or respecting how they see themselves?

The third Wednesday of October is International Pronoun Day, and it’s an opportunity to consider how we use personal pronouns.

A personal pronoun refers to a person. Other than our names, personal pronouns are one of the main ways we identify and address people. The personal pronouns we often hear are she, her, hers, he, him, and his. It’s 2021, and in order to be a more inclusive society, they way we use personal pronouns is changing.

The way people look on the outside isn’t necessarily how they identify on the inside. And just like it’s hurtful to be repeatedly called by the wrong name or a nickname you don’t like or appreciate, it’s hurtful to be called by the wrong pronouns.

It may make you feel uncomfortable or awkward to address people with the pronouns they use, and that’s okay. For many people this is a new conversation and that can make us feel uneasy. Let’s listen, learn, and work toward an environment where everyone feels safe and included.