Painting of No. 1 Pool graces GSU office foyer

L-r) GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner and president Jim Brown with GSU’s new painting of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool No. 1 elevator.

The Nordal LeBlanc Law Office is located on the first floor of GSU’s Regina office. As a token of friendship and appreciation for the warm welcome the firm has received at the office, GSU legal counsel and friend Ronni Nordal recently gifted a painting to GSU.

 “My sister, Paige Mortensen, took up art after her children were grown and she had retired from the paid work force.  This summer Paige created a batik painting of the first Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator in Saskatchewan – located in Bulyea, SK, near my farm.  The minute I saw the painting, I knew the perfect home for it was in the front entrance of GSU,” Nordal said. 

“Being from the Bulyea area, I was saddened when Saskatchewan Wheat Pool closed the wooden crib elevators and even more disappointed when it sold off the No. 1 elevator without recognizing its important place in the history of Saskatchewan. Paige’s painting commemorates the No. 1 Pool and it seems fitting to me that it is a part of GSU, as without GSU, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevators would not have played the significant role in life in rural Saskatchewan that they did.”

 We appreciate Ronni’s kind gesture and the work she has done for GSU and its members.

 More of Paige’s artwork can be seen at or on Facebook under Paige Mortensen Art