Returning to work after an extended absence?  Review your rights with your GSU staff rep

GSU members returning to work from an extended absence as a result of illness or injury are encouraged to contact a GSU staff rep before finalizing the terms of their return.

Most often the return to work process works very well and there are no hassles. Occasionally,  misinformation and misunderstandings related to returning employees’ medical or other limitations have led to complex and difficult-to-resolve issues. GSU staff reps can help as a guide and source of advice and advocacy to help prevent return to work administrative complications.

Employers have a duty to accommodate that includes but is not limited to health related work restrictions. 

From GSU’s perspective, employers are obliged to notify the union when they’re dealing with a union member in relation to a return-to-work scenario or a duty-to-accommodate situation. Unfortunately, management doesn’t always think to involve the union and this has led to some challenging problems that have been difficult to sort out after the fact.  

A quick call to your GSU staff rep about rights and responsibilities can help avoid hassles down the road.


“Taking time to know your rights is never a bad investment of time,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner.