SFL leaders say workers not to blame for government mismanagement

Leaders from Saskatchewan’s labour movement recently came together through a series of meetings to share information on what people are hearing from public employers. They say one thing has become clear: the provincial government is setting the stage to blame Saskatchewan workers for the government’s own budget mismanagement, waste, and lack of leadership.

Janitors, teachers, and healthcare providers did not cause the government’s billion dollar deficit, so it makes no sense whatsoever for the premier to be bullying these, and other, public servants,” said Larry Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).

In response to what they say are the provincial government’s attacks on working people, families, students, and communities, a rally is being organized.

“The Rally for Saskatchewan is an opportunity for everyone to come together and fight for what we value here in Saskatchewan: public Crowns and strong public services, world-class public healthcare, schools and teachers that have the resources they need to teach our kids, a seniors’ care system that is properly staffed, and a positive direction that believes in the promise of this province,” Hubich said. “Selling Crowns and public services will really hit families hard: prices will go up, services will suffer, and jobs will be lost – especially in small towns and rural Saskatchewan.That’s why we are involving local leaders in this effort. We hope town and city councils will defend their communities and call on the provincial government to stop its risky privatization schemes.”

People can share information about privatization and take action to protect our Crowns by sending a letter to their local town/city council/MLA by visiting: www.ownyoursask.ca.