Union organizing and the budding Cannabis production and processing industry

Alberta is home to some of the largest licensed cannabis production and processing facilities in Canada, and those workers are reaching out to local unions for assistance navigating employment in this new agricultural industry. (Learn more here.)

Would GSU look at taking on new members who work for licensed cannabis growers in Saskatchewan? Of course.

“We’re always ready and willing to help workers who are looking for an advocate to help them improve their working lives and represent their interests with employers,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “If you know a worker who thinks a union might benefit their workplace, I would be happy to answer their questions.”  

Know someone who may be interested in joining GSU? Talking to us doesn’t obligate anyone to join the union. We will answer questions about joining a union and help workers decide if GSU would be a good fit for their work environment. All calls and inquiries are strictly confidential.