WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Bad weather has been leading to time loss isssues

Weather-related work interruptions on March 29 have resulted in confusion for GSU members working in Viterra grain handling facilities as their employer has told affected employees to use banked time or vacation to cover missed work. Employees who have contacted GSU do not think the employer’s response is fair or reasonable, and GSU agrees.

“The wild storm that blew through parts of Saskatchewan on March 29 caused a number of GSU members to miss work or leave work early as a result of treacherous driving conditions,” said GSU staff representative Dale Markling. “In one instance the employer closed the facility, but the common problem is Viterra’s position that affected employees should dig into their overtime bank or vacation time to cover the lost hours.”

“GSU doesn’t agree that it is right or reasonable for employees to be penalized for events beyond their control,” Markling said. “We will be arguing that Viterra should absorb the cost of the lost time and charge same to pressing necessity leave.”

A similar situation arose in November 2020 and GSU has an executive grievance going to arbitration over the question of using pressing necessity leave under the collective agreement between the union and Viterra. Dates for the arbitration are being scheduled.

Did you experience time loss as a result of the March 29 storm?

Members working for any of our employers who were hit with time loss as a result of the March 29 storm are urged to contact GSU  to provide the details of their situation.