WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Hours of work issues from 134 railcar loading programs

GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner is continuing to press Viterra management to take concrete steps to address hours of work issues stemming from 134 railcar loading programs.

“In some instances, problems with design, staffing and railway performance combine to create nearly impossible situations for affected union members,” Wagner said. “I am continuing to urge operations management to be much more proactive and respectful of employees’ welfare. In the meantime, I urge union members to stick together and assert their rights under the collective agreement.“

Wagner is also continuing to raise the question of wage rates being paid to operations employees in a number of so-called work streams.

“The so-called pay for performance system should be done away with in favour of a more equitable, predictable and transparent approach to recognizing employee contributions to the success of the enterprise,” Wagner said. “GSU leaders will continue to shine a light on the problems, but ultimately it’s going to take a big collective push to come up with a better pay system.”