WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Long-term temporary employee seeking permanent employee status

GSU staff rep Brian Lark is assisting a member who has been a temporary employee for six years. The member was originally a summer student hired as a temporary employee, and for the following five years the employee was hired on an eight- to ten-month term contract.

“As a temporary employee, they are not entitled to all of the benefits that a regular employee is entitled to. They are not eligible to be a part of the group benefits. They do not get money towards a pension. They are not afforded paid time off for being sick, attending their sick children or vacations,” Lark said. “They are not entitled to an annual increase unless they are able to negotiate one themself when they accept the term position. These are basic privileges that come with being part of the union and they are excluded from them.”

Lark is working with the employer to transition the employee to a permanent employee.

“This employee enjoys the work and position, and is willing to come back each year to do the work,” said Lark. “All they are asking is that the company give them the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that come with being a permanent employee.”

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