WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Vacation and banked time aren’t the only options when personal circumstance affects the ability of GSU members to report for work

Vacation and banked time aren’t the only leave options available to GSU members.

We work with our members to ensure they are aware of the full-slate of leaves in their collective agreements. GSU staff reps Mason Van Luven and Brian Lark have been fielding inquiries from members about which leave they should use for their personal situation. Van Luven and Lark are also addressing situations where management is telling members to use vacation leave or banked time when there are more appropriate leaves available.

“I suspect that it is easier and more cost-effective for management to tell a worker to use their vacation leave or banked time rather than trigger another leave members are entitled to,” Van Luven explains. “Sometimes the decision made by a particular manager is the result of them not informing themselves about what is written in an employee’s collective agreement. Company management has an equal and shared obligation to respect and enforce a member’s collective agreement just as their union does.”

“It is very important to contact your GSU staff rep to review all the leaves you are entitled to and the situations that may trigger them,” Lark added. “GSU collective agreements have a slate of options available to members, and reviewing them in advance of a situation means you are prepared for that moment and you know your rights.”

If you haven’t already done so, read your collective agreement to review all the rights afforded to you, and don’t hesitate to contact your staff rep with any questions you may have.

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