WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Temporary Performance of Higher Duty pay (TPHD)

GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner is working on a grievance submitted by a GSU member who is seeking temporary performance of higher duty pay. 

“Quite often employees are asked to step up and do the work of someone in a higher paid position when that person is away for an extended period of time. The employee in question has been filling in for another employee in a higher paid classification for more than two months and we’re aiming to have the relieving employee’s pay adjusted as provided in the collective agreement,” Wagner said. “This type of case involves an examination of the work the relieving employee is doing during the absence of the person they are replacing.” Wagner advises that this grievance is in its early stages and the next step is a grievance meeting with employer representatives.

GSU helps sort things out.  When there are problems in the workplace there are many factors to consider. A GSU staff rep has access to information and can help gather all the facts and identify whether your rights have been violated.

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