Working People Need a Fairness Budget: 10 Things Canada’s unions want to see in Budget 2019

The 2019 federal budget signals the government’s plans and priorities leading up to the fall election. Canada’s unions expect budget 2019 to outline a multi-year roadmap making significant improvements to the well-being of working people and vulnerable groups in Canada. At the same time, the budget must address urgent priorities for working people in its spending plans for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, including in areas such as Employment Insurance, good job creation, affordable housing, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and climate change.

To advance the goals of fairness and to deal with urgent unmet needs, Canada’s unions are looking for expanded investments in pharmacare, Employment Insurance, child care, affordable housing, and just transition measures to create good jobs while moving Canada toward a low-carbon economy. These investments must address the significant and growing inequality that is intensifying economic insecurity for working people, undermining the social mobility of families and the health of communities across Canada.

Here’s what a “Fairness Budget” means for working people: