ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Assisting an employee through a difficult position elimination

We recently assisted a 30-year employee through a difficult position elimination

When the employer decides to restructure their work environment, it can have very significant impacts on the work and the employees who do that work. GSU and your negotiated collective agreements work to ensure when these restructures take place that employees are not put on the back burner.

“There are clauses in our collective agreements that speak to how the employer is required to treat employees in order to minimize the implications for the restructuring and to provide appropriate notice and possible severance when navigating that path,” said GSU staff rep Donna Driediger.

Without a collective agreement, employees would be subject to the bare minimums that the law provides. Collective agreements hold employers accountable for the choices they make in order to maintain their business while still respecting the integrity of the employees. 

GSU services are provided to you and paid for by your union dues. There is never an additional charge for assisting you and there is no limit on the times you can seek our advice.