Be Thankful, Be Safe this coming holiday weekend

By GSU staff rep Brian Lark

This weekend is the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. On Friday, everyone will be rushing out the door to prepare for spending time with family and friends. Whether your holiday takes you away from home or this is your year to host the gathering, there will be a lot of people on the road as you make last-minute trips to the store to grab meal items, fuel up the vehicle and purchase the always important road trip snacks.

Let’s all take time to plan and arrive safely at our destinations.

We have a lot to be thankful for this weekend and need to make sure we arrive safely to spend those precious moments with our loved ones. Allow for traffic delays and leave in plenty of time. Try to be proactive and do your shopping on Wednesday or Thursday to beat the rush in the stores and at the pumps.

After a well-deserved visit and holiday celebration, make your journey home just as safe.

A long day traveling and eating can lead to fatigue and unsafe conditions on the way home.

It is October and the weather can turn quickly making road surfaces slick, so be aware and be sure to drive with caution. In the event of poor weather, be sure to drive for the road conditions of the moment and not what they were last month.

Most of all this weekend, be thankful!

Be thankful to have friends and family who care about you. Thankful for a job to support you and your family and thankful for GSU. GSU is here for you all year long and we will continue to work for you and with you to improve your working relationships with your employer.

I am thankful for GSU. Back when I was a member, I understood the importance of the union. When I became an out-of-scope manager I was thankful for GSU because I knew they had my employees’ best interests in mind. Now, as a staff rep, I am thankful for GSU. This union has offered me the chance to help people, make a difference in their lives, and ultimately make a difference in mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!